Innovative Research


Autonomous Vehicle A1

 This research describes the Autonomous Vehicle #1 (A1), which won the 2010, 2012, and 2014 Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC). The A1 was developed for high speed and stable driving without human intervention.

ACE Lab has researched for autonomous driving in real roads based on platforms recognized for excellence.

[2014 AVC video] [2015 Urban night] [2017 Highway] [2017 TJA] 

On April 5th-6th, (US local time) Professor Myoung-Ho Sunwoo and ACE Lab’s, Dr. Chulhoon Jang, researchers Wonteak Lim…
On March 16th in the headquarter of Renault Automobile (France, Paris) ITEA3’s Korea France Global R&D Project ‘DANG…
On March 2nd, ACE Lab’s researchers found some time in their busy lives to go on a trip to Busan.
On February 26th, ACE Lab’s researchers and Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo visited the producer of digital maps, HERE Tech…