2018 ACE Lab Workshop
글쓴이 : 관리자 번호 : 1351   작성일 : 18-03-11 21:12   조회 : 24  

   On February 24th, the two groups of ACE Lab, SRG (Smart car Research Group) and GRG (Green car Research Group) hosted a workshop that discussed the future 1-year plan. This day was special in that ACE Lab’s alumna were invited to present the future prospect of the automobile field. The alumni had the opportunity to discuss on topics such as “the technology and problems of electronic vehicles” and “critical technology component and law for autonomous vehicles.”
   With this 3-hour workshop from 10 in the morning, each of the groups of ACE Lab was able to compare their direction of research and discuss the latest technology in the automobile industry. The two graduates all agreed that “a good direction and topic was chosen”, the group leaders also said “it is a highly anticipated year as much as a good direction was chosen.”