2016.11 Korea-France, New Industry Technical Cooperation Forum - Joint R&D on Autonomous Vehicles
2016.05 Hanyang University - Infineon, Collaboration on Microcontroller Educational Center.
2016.02 Chung-Mong Koo Automotive Research Center Move-in
2014.10 Grand champion (Three in a row champion), Autonomous Vehicle Competition (hosted by Hyundai-Kia Motors)
2013.10 Grand champion, Autonomous Vehicle Competition (hosted by Ministry Of Trade, Industry & Energy)
2012.09 Grand champion (Back-to-back champion), Autonomous Vehicle Competition (hosted by Hyundai-Kia Motors)
2010.11 Grand champion, Autonomous Vehicle Competition (hosted by Hyundai-Kia Motors)
2008.12 Selected as top 100 achievements of national research and development of 2007 (MEST, KISTEP)
2008.06 Selected as top 50 outstanding research achievements in 2008 (National Research Foundation of Korea)
2006.03 Transferred the design of model cars and management technology of ‘Intelligent Model Vehicle Contest’ to Tsinghua University
2005.08 Selected and awarded as the best educational institute 2 years in a row
2003.07 Hosted an ‘Intelligent Model Vehicle Contest’ for undergraduate students
2003.03 Established ACE Training Center appointed by MKE
2002.06 Designated as NRL by the Ministry of Science and Technology
2001.06 Industry-academic joint research consortium for designing network-based control system with Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Mobis, KEFICO
2000.08 Made a joint research contract with Center for Environmental Research & Technology at University of California at Riverside
2000.01 Made a long-term industry-academic research contract with Freescale Semiconductor (former Motorola) (2000-2013)
1993.05 Established ACE Lab

Future Plan

ACE Lab has successfully implemented joint industry-academic researches on automobile electronic control system for many years and contributed to its commercialization. It also has made a long-term joint research contract with Freescale Semiconductor, conducted international joint researches with CERT and concluded a joint research consortium contract with Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Mobis, KEFICO, and NGV. Many other domestic and foreign automobile manufacturing industrial institutes have come to shape cooperative research environment with us. 

Also, ACE Lab was designated as National Research Laboratory (NRL) by the Ministry of Science and Technology in June 2002, to get funded by the government for 5 years, due to the government’s recognition that our research achievement and capability in designing electronic control system is the core technology for the national technological competitiveness in the 21st century.

This project allowed us to attain the independent technology of designing the next-generation network-based automobile electronic control system, which had been one of the weaknesses in Korea’s automobile industry, and it has resulted in a significant decrease in engineering fee paid to the major countries.  

ACE Lab holds the largest Intelligent Model Vehicles Design Contest as well as conducts many joint industry-academic researches, and contributes to quickly spread advanced foreign technologies to the domestic industry by holding an annual international workshop and open house.

ACE Lab will put the utmost effort to become the world’s best in the field of designing network-based embedded control system, to play an important role in advancing the domestic design technology in automobile electronic control system and to enhance technological competitiveness in the relevant industries.