is a premiere research laboratory that is dedicated to pushing automotive control and electronics technology forward. It is located in Hanyang University, one of the most renowned and largest engineering schools in Korea. Led by Professor Myoungho Sunwoo from the Department of Automotive Engineering, ACE Lab is focused on responding to the global need for reduced emissions and increased safety in vehicles. By combining excellence in cutting-edge research and delivery of discoveries, ACE Lab strives to improve our lives through technology.

  Resize_Controlhub.pngsignifies that control systems are at the heart of future car technologies. As vehicle components are increasingly shifting gears from mechanical to electrical and software-based components, the definitive technology of the next generation of cars—the powertrain, chassis, body and safety systems—is in the electronic control systems. Just as DNA is the genetic blueprint for life, control systems are the blueprint for future cars. ACE Lab aims to embed in young engineers and industry experts the DNA that drives them to successfully take the lead in greener and safer automotive engineering.

Zero Emissions.png

  Since its foundation in 1993, ACE Lab has been partnering with industry and academia around the globe to ultimately develop cars with zero emissions and zero accidents. Together, we have set the pace for interdisciplinary synergies and produced research that has impacted the industry, reaching vital milestones toward our goal. With our unwavering dedication, we will continue to pave the road to make our dream a reality.